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Defend Lock resisted hard test of liquid nitrogen

Mechanical security system of cars Defend Lock resisted even hard test of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is known fluid that can undercool objects to very low temperature degree. The objects than become more fragile and more prone to damage.
Reason of the test is wrong guess of car thieves that liquid nitrogen will be enough to overcome security system Defend Lock. Our gearbox lock was in the hard test repeatedly dipped in liquid nitrogen and not even than was not eliminated by attempts to eliminate it by brute force. Customers thus need not fear this method, actually widespread myth among drivers.

Videos from the tests are to see below.

DEFEND VIN.PRO.TEC safety car glass marking - new from DEFEND!

Present trend is complexity and quality of services. Complex security includes car protection against theft or accident - before and after potential loss. Important factors in the field of car protection are innovative preventive measures that help to prevent damages, and also subsequent measures that reduce or eliminate its impacts.

Defend Automotive Group division brought to Czech and Slovak market revolutionary innovation - new technology of car glass marking under name DEFEND GLASS MARKING SYSTEM.

DEFEND VIN.PRO.TEC is a pilot product and offers clients safety etching of VIN code to car glass by technology DEFEND GLASS MARKING SYSTEM. VIN code is unique identifier of vehicles that is permanently imprinted at hard to accessible places in the vehicle, most importantly in the opening of front window. Etching VIN code to every window of your car is another security element and factor that reduces risk of car theft.

Short video from etching application is to see below.




Video liquid nitrogen 1
Video liquid nitrogen 2
Video liquid nitrogen 3
Video VIN etching