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Mechanical Gearshift Lock

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DEFEND LOCK is a well-proven mechanical gearshift lock, which is a basic vehicle protection. The lock can be easily locked without using a key. Gearshift DEFEND LOCKS are effective and affordable. They can be used in vehicles with both automatic and manual shift.


Advantages of DEFEND LOCK
This is a high quality product characterised by:

  • a solid metal mechanism fastened to the bodywork of the vehicle without any joints
  • a Warranty period of 5 years (provided that regular Warranty controls are carried out)
  • vehicle insurance discount
  • over 1000 types of locks for the vast majority of vehicle brands


This is a unique lock insert

  • Patent protected with a reversible key and its own DEFEND LOCK profile
  • For security reasons, a spare key can only be made after an ID card has been presented to the Installation Centre
  • Protection against accidental locking
  • Easy to unlock
  • It resists the Bump Key theft method
  • Heat resistant, as well as cold resistant to liquid nitrogen
  • Resistant  to drilling, breaking and picking

Locking is easy

  • A simple motion, no key is required
  • Protected against accidental locking

Did you know that Defend now has a brand new product, the Defend Guarantee 10.000 CZK?

How does it work?
We considered offering clients something special, and 10.000 CZK compensation in the event of theft sounded like a great idea which would be appreciated by our customers. It would help to eliminate the potential financial loss by covering the cost of the purchase of a gearshift Defend Lock.

How can obtain it?
Ask your retailer to register online no later than 10 days after the Defend Lock has been installed. It is a simple procedure and you will be registered in the course of several minutes, receiving a proof of registration. With the new Defend Garance 10 000 Kč you have the possibility of receiving, free of charge, the amount of 10.000 CZK within a period of 12 months.
Ask your vendor to register online and receive the Guarantee 10.000 CZK free of charge for one year!