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Engine Protection Plate

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DEFEND SKIDPLATE is a specialised engine protection. It is a metal plate placed underneath  the engine in order to protect the engine, axle and steering mechanism of a vehicle against mechanical and chemical damage. It is suitable for passenger cars, off-road vehicles, and light commercial vehicles.
Advantages of Defend Skidplate
  • Protects the lower part of the engine from mechanical and chemical damage
  • Protects parts of the engine, gears, axle, electrical wiring from dust, dirt and salt
  • Lowers the engine volume
  • Lengthens the lifespan of parts and accessories (alternator, starter, belts, pulleys, etc.)
  • Useful for various types of terrain as well as in cities – e.g. protruding drain covers or kerb stones, etc.
Features of Defend Skidplate

  • The protection plate is installed using holders put into original apertures in the vehicle’s bodywork and sub frame (no drilling needed)
  • Optimal shape of the plate for different vehicle brands
  • Rubber stops prevent contact of the plate with the bodywork
  • Lead beams and connecting material have galvanic treatment against corrosion
  • The protection plate has vents for cooling
  • The protection plate is made of lead or aluminium 2-5 mm wide  
  • Embossments are placed on the plate to increase structural rigidity