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Safety marking windshields VIN

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DEFEND GLASS MARKING SYSTEM is professional, quick and easy way how to permanently mark car glass, using the most modern technology that marks car glass by etching or by other technology used for marking car glass.


  • easy and quick “wireless” application etching “anytime and everywhere”
  • irremovable and visible mark of vehicle security
  • the lowest price in the market  in connection with other product DEFEND
  • multi-purpose use – besides etching VIN code also possibility of etching logo, infoline of business partner etc...
  • possibility of lending the whole car glass marking technology
  • selection of several car glass marking technologies made-to-measure for DEFEND partners
  • interesting packages with other Defend products
  • complex security and safety of vehicle from the producer with more than 20-year-long history


is car glass etching of VIN code by DEFEND GLASS MARKING SYSTEM technology. VIN code is unique identifier of motor vehicle that is permanently impressed on heavily accessible places in the vehicle, primarily in the opening of front window. VIN code etching on all windows of your car is another protective element and factor that lower the risk of car theft.


VIN.PRO.TEC advantages?

  • VIN code etching lower the probability of car theft by more than 74 %
  • Car with etched VIN code becomes unsellable for spare parts by the thieves or prevent them from exporting it abroad
  • permanent etching of VIN code identify the car
  • Discounts from insurance companies for passive “deterrence” of thieves
  • Warning sign discourage thieves from the stealing in the first place